Promod Standalone Game with Matchmaking / Skins / Client / Ranking System & Leagues

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Promod Standalone Game with Matchmaking / Skins / Client / Ranking System & Leagues

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Dan Bear started this petition to Cod PC Community

Please keep signing the petition, it still helps a lot!! 

*EDIT: 02/2018* Since having started this, I now have a working build with a basic map, guns and movement. However since this, a game called Battalion 1944 has released in Early Access that plays exactly like cod4 promod and cod2. It has achieved many of the goals I had, but with the world war 2 theme. All the ex pro cod4 players have returned to this game.

Because of this reason I am pausing this project to keep an eye on and support  Battalion 1944 for the future. I suggest you all check it out here on steam (currently 10% discount):

Battalion 1944

I will continue to keep my build, in the case that this game fails to go big or meet standards. For now, I'm very happy with how things are going and playing right now.


P.S. However, if the game continues to develop and grow well, I may use this petition to create a league like mentioned here but for Battalion 1944.

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I want to develop a standalone version of the CoD4 mod Promod that's free to play with a website, client, league and matchmaking system with the help of the community. The game will feel exactly like Promod (which is heavily based on movement and feel).

We will use CoD4: promod (the mod) to test & tweak new things that can be taken to a standalone game. Whilst we test new things, a game development studio will be hired by me to create a very simple beta version that includes the movement of Promod with 1 weapon & 1 player model. We will recreate the "MP_MARKETCENTER" map in higher quality (to avoid legal issues).

The beta demo will then be released for a limited time as a single-player game or simple multiplayer game with the TDM mode and servers hosted by us. This will hopefully give the community the confidence needed to fund further development. This is also as much as I can realistically afford to pay without causing myself any money problems.

Contact Me   

Some have requested some sort of contact details to discuss things with me, whether they want to help somehow or just ask things. I have set-up a random e-mail that people can talk to me on at: - If you wish to discuss things with me you will be able to by e-mailing me.

Signing Petition 

I understand some might not sign due to having to give address details. If you don't feel comfortable giving your address then use another address of some place popular in your area or country. So don't be scared by the address details section! Also, please use your real e-mail so you receive updates about the petition/project.

Sharing Petition

For those who want to share the petition but don't want to give out a long link to players because perhaps you're playing inside a game server or chatting to someone on some live messaging platform, you can use: 

This redirects to this petition page. Please share it anywhere you can, we currently have 25,000 supporters. If each user promoted this, we could increase by 2 or 3 times the size in no time at all!!!


The following are the current milestones we want to reach:

Milestone 1: 3,000 Signatures
Milestone 2: 10,000 Signatures
Milestone 3: 30,000 Signatures (we will start a Kickstarter for funding if the beta version is ready)

*Update 2018* With the release of the Battalion 1944 game, we may do a Kickstarter for a Battalion 1944 amateur/semi-pro and pro league.

Kickstarter funding goal: Undecided due to the change in the projects goal.

How Will You Use The Funding?

The funding will cover the full employment of a games development studio to develop the game with all mentioned features. The studio will be named publicly during the Kickstarter phase.

Here's the short list of features for those who simply want an overview of what I want to develop:

Features (keep in mind, not all features will be implemented to begin with and will be discussed with the community to allow a chance for input): 

  1. Esports Focused Promod Standalone Game
  2. Website (With news, videos, leagues, rankings, player profiles, stats, fantasy league, forums and chat)
  3. Client (For automatic matchmaking, skins, matchmaking with friends, public play, server browser, stats, chat, friends list, player profiles, news, streams and automatic updates)
  4. Anticheat loaded automatically from client (With more emphasis on detecting more cheats than the usual pathetic attempts by other games)
  5. Skins
  6. Ranking System (Like Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum etc.. much like League Of Legends)
  7. Team Ranking System (Undecided on this, it's a potential idea, but not yet final)
  8. Leagues (Official ladders where teams compete for points, can be used for prizes, practice or qualification to specific cups, or all)
  9. Overhauled and Improved In-game GUI
  10. Team Voice Chat
  11. New Guns
  12. Improved Gun Recoils & Balance
  13. New Competitive Maps
  14. Skins Marketplace 
  15. Exhaustive Spectator & Shoutcaster GUI 
  16. Casual & Competitive Modes. Give players a chance to play according to how they feel.
  17. Server Browser for servers running other MODs and cater to all the current communities. Give them the option to access servers via the client so they have options to play competitive too.

Plus a lot of other things that would make the list too big... 

I'd like to thank everyone for their continued support this past month, it has been much appreciated!


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This petition had 29,438 supporters

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