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Be investigated for racial profiling intimidation and illegal activities

This is important because people who live in Cochise County must suffer from the abuse of laws that are set to protect people from these same acts being committed. Law enforcement agencies of Cochise County, which is located in the southern half of Arizona, abuse their powers given to them as an agent of the law to intimidate, harass, and threaten citizens to get whatever it is law officials seek. This includes but is not limited to, procuring fabricated claims so as to arrest people that are of interest to them, conducting searches and seizures without properly securing search warrants until after the search has already been initiated and completed, threatening citizens with arrest if said citizen does not provide fabricated information to help arrest persons of interest, not notifying citizens of their Miranda Rights, detaining persons under arrest without charging them, and the list goes on. This is an infringement of peoples Constitutional and fundamental rights. Citizens of this county fear the agencies that are supposed to be their to uphold the laws and provide protection to the very people they harass. The Department of Justice has been notified on several occasions of these criminal violations by these agencies but has done nothing to rectify the situation. These criminal acts have to be stopped. No one is safe from the illegal activity being committed by these agencies.

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  • Cochise County Law Enforcement Agencies

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