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Stop using plastic as a packaging material to save our waters for future generations

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To the Board of Coca-Cola™,

 Studies predict that by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans. Ocean pollution has recently become an extremely threatening issue for both people and marine life. Social media has portrayed oceanic pollution as islands of trash, animals choking from plastic, and the lifeless Great Barrier Reef. Although these are seemingly “far away” issues, the demise of our oceans is rapidly increasing.

Here is a way to make a difference in your life and future: No more plastic water bottles. It’s that simple. It’s estimated that about 80% of all plastic pollution that enters the ocean is from land use, and 50% of the plastic is just used once before being thrown out. Americans throw away a total of 35 billion plastic water bottles each year, but let’s think about the basics.

There is a massive issue with how much plastic ends up in the ocean. Coca-Cola and other leading companies pride themselves on promoting a green environment by producing “sustainable” plastic,  but if their plastics never make it into recycling, they are in no way helping the environment. In fact, they are doing the opposite. Plastic chemicals, like BPA, are in the bodies of over 93% of Americans:  “having these toxic chemicals in our bodies can lead to risk of cardiovascular disease, breast, brain, and prostate cancer, attention-related disorders, erectile/sexual dysfunction, learning disorders, early onset puberty, infertility, diabetes and obesity,” according to Dr. Patel, a leading researcher in the fight against plastic.

It is time for a change in this billion-dollar beverage market and it starts with the containers that these beverages are packaged in. This adjustment must begin with the Coca-Cola beverage industry, as many other companies will follow their lead. The time has come to switch to boxed packaging, for the betterment of the future of our environment.  

Of course, in a business, the overall objective is profit. Companies have refused to change the way water is packaged because they have no realistic idea how it would affect their profits. A new water distribution company, Boxed Water, is making waves in the industry with their environmentally careful promise that “boxed water is better.” The company made close to $2 million in revenue in their first year, and has no signs of stopping. They claim they can deliver 30 trucks worth of plastic containers in their decomposable boxed format. They also sell half a liter of water for $1.50 whereas the average price of half a liter of wholesale water packaged in plastic is $2.00. This means that their average margin of profit is much higher than plastic-using companies. It’s cheaper to make, which results in cheaper prices for the consumer. Not only will companies profit more from switching to boxed water, the ocean and its ecosystems will, too. It’s time to make a change and boycott using plastic water bottles; it’s the future of packaging.

Millennials are now the largest generation in the U.S, representing more than 75 million consumers. When it comes to packaging, what they like and dislike could make or break the future. When asked whether or not they have changed their purchasing patterns to reduce exposure to chemicals in packaging, millennials are more inclined than any other age group to take concrete steps to avoid exposure to chemicals in packaging. Over 63 percent, or nearly two-thirds, indicated that they changed their purchase decision – a far greater number than those who indicated that specific plastic issues were a concern. In similar numbers, millennials stated that the plastics used specifically in packaging food and water were a concern – still registering the highest level of concern about plastic among any of the age groups. Just over 40 percent of millennials listed plastics used in packaging as a concern.

A future using decomposable boxes for packaging instead of using plastic is clear and possible, but we need your help to convince Coca-Cola to change their packaging from bottles to boxes. The well-being of our world is at stake and by refusing plastic as a packaging method, you can improve the health of the ocean and the environment around us, including human and animal health. Coca-Cola has the ability to make these changes, but it is in the hands of the customers. If you sign this petition to let Coca-Cola know you support eliminating the plastic bottle, we can get them to listen and #BoxIt. Keep this hashtag trending to spread the awareness.

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