Coca-Cola: Stop funding anti GMO labeling campaigns

Coca-Cola: Stop funding anti GMO labeling campaigns

November 15, 2013
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CEO, The Coca-Cola Company Muhtar Kent and 16 others
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Started by Ocean Robbins and the Food Revolution Network

The public has learned that Coca-Cola secretly contributed more than $1.5 million to campaign against the labeling of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). In addition to its soft drinks, the company owns many brands marketed as healthier alternatives, including Honest Tea, Powerade, Odwalla, Vitamin Water and Simply Orange. Coca-Cola’s CEO, Muhtar Kent, says, “We have provided a tremendous amount of choice to people.” But when it comes to your right to know how your food was produced, Coca-Cola has joined biotech giant Monsanto in trying to keep you in the dark.

In late October 2013, Coca-Cola was discovered to have made more than $1.5 million in secret contributions to the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA). This money went directly to the GMA’s fight against labeling of GMOs in Washington State. The Washington state Attorney General says that the GMA violated the state’s campaign disclosure laws when it bundled more than $11 million for the anti-labeling fight, while shielding the identities of the companies, led by Coca-Cola, who were donating that money.

Many companies, including Dole Food Company, and Mars, Inc., have responded to consumer pressure and stopped giving money to fight GMO labeling. We are calling on Coca-Cola to join them.

While sales of Coca-Cola’s carbonated soft drinks have recently been dropping, the company’s financial future is increasingly tied to the brands it markets as healthier, including Honest Tea, Powerade, Odwalla, Vitamin Water and Simply Orange. It’s time for company policy to respond to its customer's growing level of health consciousness and demand for consumer choice.

Join us and sign our petition urging Coca-Cola to stop funding efforts to block the labeling of GMOs. 

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This petition had 245,759 supporters

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