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Petitioning CEO, Nestle Company Paul Bulcke and 2 others

Help us make low-cost roofs and jobs from waste plastic bottles

Nearly 300 billion plastic bottles are thrown out each year, but this wasted resource can be used to make products and create jobs. Waste plastic is a global crisis that affects everyone and is a problem we can solve with the help of beverage companies. The Reuse Everything Institute (REII) has developed a technology that converts waste plastic bottles into low-cost roofs. We have also developed a program to get this technology into the hands of people around the planet that can install REII’s low-cost roofing while improving their environment and earning a living wage within their communities. We need the financial and logistical support of the major beverage companies to make this vision a reality. These companies created this global waste problem and benefit from the sale of these beverages, they should contribute a small amount to cleaning up the waste. The program developed by REII will help address the waste plastic bottle problem, create better low-cost roofing and make better jobs available. What's not to like? - Less waste, Less poverty; Better housing and a Cleaner environment -  We all win! Help us get the message to these global beverage companies. Thank you for your support! Visit for more details.

Letter to
CEO, Nestle Company Paul Bulcke
CEO, Coca Cola Company Muhtar A. Kent
CEO, PepsiCo Indra Nooyi
Billions upon billions of waste plastic bottles pollute our planet. Please help the Reuse Everything Institute (REII) and your customers make low-cost roofs and high quality jobs from waste plastic beverage bottles. With a small investment from the beverage industry, REII can make our patented technology available to thousands of families world-wide; providing them with the means to use waste plastic beverage bottles to create low-cost, high quality roofing that can be sold in villages globally. With the financial and logistical support of key beverage companies, REII and our collaborators can help to create a solution to our global waste plastic crisis. Your companies benefit from being able to distribute your products in plastic bottles, it is time to make an effort to address the waste issue this packaging has created. REII is creating a viable solution but we can only do so with the help of the beverage industry. For more information visit . Your customers are speaking to you, and now the beverage industry can be proud of its answer to this industry induced environmental crisis. Your assistance with this issue will create a better world and a better market for your product. Thank you for time, consideration and assistance.

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