End Coca-Cola's relationship with Eurasia Group and Gerald Butts

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End Coca-Cola's relationship with Eurasia Group and Gerald Butts

Whereas Gerald Butts is the architect of the Ontario’s Green Energy Act and helped design and implement policies that resulted in Ontarians paying over $37 billion in avoidable and unnecessary hydro costs,

And whereas Gerald Butts helped implement a national tax on oil resulting in higher prices for gasoline, home heating and groceries,

And whereas Gerald Butts is responsible for championing policies that resulted in 200,000 people losing their job in Canada’s energy sector, 

And whereas Gerald Butts unethically collected $200,000 in taxpayer funded moving expenses despite making a six figure salary,

And whereas Gerald Butts resigned from his position as Principle Secretary to the Prime Minister of Canada for actions and decisions that resulted in the Prime Minister breaking the law,

And whereas Coca-Cola is a client of Eurasia Group, a firm that employs Gerald Butts,

We the undersign retail consumers of Canada call on Coca-Cola to terminate all business relations and contracts with Eurasia Group, so long as Eurasia Group continues to associate with Gerald Butts.