Bring back Sprite Cranberry in 2020

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Sprite Cranberry is not just a drink. It has been turned into one of the most well-recognized internet jokes, especially during Christmas time. This is mostly in part due to the commercial surrounding the drink that is aired during the holiday season, which features NBA star LeBron James and a catchy rendition of the classic Christmas song "It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year", albeit with some altered lyrics.

In the comments section of the official Instagram account of Sprite, it was revealed that Sprite Cranberry will not be coming back this holiday season. This has been met with negative backlash by users, including myself. The drink has become a holiday tradition in the internet landscape, and by signing this petition, you are agreeing that Coca-Cola will bring back this recognizable holiday tradition that is Sprite Cranberry for at least 2020, but, hopefully, for years to come.