Bring Back Sprite Cranberry!

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Sprite Cranberry. Not only the most delightful holiday beverage, but the meeting point of soda/pop drinkers around the country. The beverage is the perfect balance of that traditional Sprite we all know and love with a punch of holiday spirit. Not only did Sprite Cranberry sell very well, it is also a pinnacle in popular culture. The animated commercial, with the now the famous jingle: It's the Thirstiest Time of the Year, launched a major movement among younger generations. The phrase, "Want a sprite cranberry?" has become a saying of younger millennials and gen Z. The song becoming a "meme," would in turn allow children to tell their parents to buy the product. Consumers around the world would gift this product as gag gifts and/or as a delicious drink at a party. Please consider bringing back Sprite Cranberry and sign this petition.

Don't forget..."It's the Thirst Thirstiest Time of the Year."


A. Serino