Ban Single Use Plastics

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David McGuire
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Plastic pollution caused by single use containers and other product packaging is having a serious effect on the health of humans, wildlife, oceans, and waterways in California, where the impacts are particularly acute. It is estimated that 8 million metric tons of plastic enter the oceans each year. The USA currently recycles less than 10% of plastic waste that is marked recyclable.

An October 2019 report by the San Francisco Estuary Institute revealed that the San Francisco Bay has some of the highest levels of microplastics measured anywhere to date, and many of the particles appear to be linked to single-use plastic items. A June 2019 study by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute found that microplastic concentration in Monterey Bay exceeds that of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and that the primary source was plastic associated with food, beverage, and other consumer goods. The same study also found that small marine animals are consuming these microplastics, thus introducing the particles into the food web that feeds California.

Mislabeling and misleading consumers that their products are recyclable is a form of consumer fraud. These companies are responsible for tons of toxic plastic entering the oceans, and are using plastic packaging without regard to environment, climate and human health. We join Earth Island Institute, Plastic Pollution Coalition, Shark Stewards, the International Marine Mammal Project, and 1000 Fountains in demanding the end of mass produced, non recoverable plastic packaging.

We, the undersigned condemn single use plastic pollution and urge these major plastic pollution companies to reduce single use plastic packaging, improve labeling, provide increased and verifiable flow from the consumer to recycling. 

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