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Update: Plastics lawsuit

Update on our single use plastics lawsuit. Like tobacco, opium and climate change, industry lawyers are attempting to shift this case into federal court that is more conservative and less sympathetic to human and environmental causes.  In our weekly Facebook live Ocean Action Series we interviewed plastics and legal experts. Learn more in the episode on YouTub,  read the update below and share!

Earth Island Institute is standing its ground in its Big Plastic lawsuit as defendants use tactics to delay the case and avoid reaching its merits. Earlier this month, the defendants filed a motion to move the case to federal court. Last week, Earth Island filed its response, arguing that the case belongs in California state court where it was originally filed. This first-of-its-kind lawsuit against Big Plastic seeks to hold major food, beverage, and consumer goods companies accountable for the misinformation they spread about the recyclability of their plastic packaging, and for polluting California’s waterways and coasts with millions of tons of plastic. Earth Island filed this case in its own right and on behalf of its projects Plastic Pollution Coalition, International Marine Mammal Project, Shark Stewards, and 1000 Fountains. More info #plasticpollutes

Photo caption and credit: Mouth of the Los Angeles River, Long Beach, California, by Bill McDonald, Algalita Foundation

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