Save Victoria Park Campgrounds

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I was born in Cobourg in 1968 & lived there for the majority of my life.  As far back as I can remember the campgrounds have always been there.

Some research found that the campground has been there since the British & Irish immigrants began to settle here in the late 1700s.  They used Cobourg's beach & harbour front as their campsite while clearing the land to build homes.  

For a time the area where the campground is located was a privately owned piece of land but was donated to the town (from what I have been told) which turned it into a permanent campground.  This campground is packed every year.  There are long lineups for day before registry and some people have been coming back for decades!

“I lined up for four days straight, day and night, last year to get a campsite, and I’m not sure if I want to go through that whole process again either,” David Toulmin allowed in a recent interview.

If you have never been here, you would be amazed at it's beautiful setting.  Victoria Park Campground sits on a grassy knoll along the sandy beach front in Cobourg, Ontario.  To the west is the beautiful Marina, to the east a playground, splash pad, Band shelter, canteen and washroom/shower, our war cenotaph, lawn bowling club, a pavilion and a vast span of grassy parkland and sandy beach.  The downtown area is just 2 short streets to the north and hosts a plethora of mom and pop shops, restaurants, spas, a pharmacy/grocery store, police station, entertainment venues, laundry mat and more.  Cobourg is a real feel good town but Now some Toronto consultant's report submitted to Cobourg Town Council will change this by suggesting:

"beach & waterfront property would become home to the inn, restaurant & spa, & is described as “the best opportunity” to achieve the Town’s goal.

“The project would create business for downtown and generate economic activity in Cobourg,”

The Economic Planning Group of Canada also identified a new campground or trailer park, & a mini-golf attraction complex, as 2 other potential opportunities."

We don't want a new campground as a "potential opportunity" we want the campground deemed a historical site & for Cobourg to leave the original site alone & intact.

Condos pollute the beach and marina area. Although tastefully designed they are an unnecessary use of the land that could have been better used to attract people to our town with other profitable uses such as parking, this new proposal that they want to tear down the campground for and much more.

Therefore we are requesting the Cobourg & District Historical Society to apply for the campground be given Historical Site designation.

We demand that Cobourg Council CONSULT with ALL of Cobourg citizens, regular beach goers, & regular users of the site & get a TRUE & ACCURATE result on exactly what people want done with the land.  We also demand that no development be started until an application is filed, reviewed & a decision made.