Letter in Support of the March 14th School Walk-Out

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In light of the recent tragedy at Parkland, we the students of Harrison High School formally announce our support of the National School Walk Out on March 14th in honor of the 17 lives lost to senseless, preventable violence. We feel as if our country’s leadership does not care about the safety of students, teachers, and staff in schools across the country. We want to express our views and concerns in a peaceful protest to draw more attention to an issue that affects every American. It is our duty as citizens of this country to support  victims of school shootings as well as inspire change to protect not only our lives, but the lives of generations to come. We will not accept political gridlock as an excuse for the lack of action. We demand lawmakers on both sides of the aisle push gun control and mental health legislation. We can not let another preventable act of violence affect a community again. Many school districts across the nation and in Metro Atlanta have already expressed their support and encourage students to participate on the 14th, we hope you will do the same. The right to peacefully petition our government is at the very core of this democracy and we intend to use this right.

We also would like to reach out to all other High Schools in the Cobb County School District -  For those already planning and holding protests, we stand with you and will help in spreading the word. For those that have yet to formally organize one, we encourage you to do so. Our voice is not too weak to fight and we will not give up until sufficient change has occurred.