Demand Cobb School Board Address Inequity & Concerns In Reopening Schools Amidst COVID-19.

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Parents are being asked to decide between in-person and virtual learning settings for the fall semester of 2020 without sufficient information to use in making this all important decision. Similarly teachers have been asked to state their intent to return to school, take FMLA, retire, or resign without knowing what is being expected of them for fall. Inequitable access to resources disproportionately impacts low SES families and marginalized groups thereby eliminating the privilege of "choice".  In light of these concerns we are demanding the following action from the CCSD school board:

  1. Open the July 16th Board Meeting up for public commentary.
  2. Push back the decision date for parents and teachers to July 17th.
  3. Push back the school start date to August 10th to allow for proper planning and preparation. 
  4. Provide a descriptive plan for how schools will follow CDC guidelines for keeping staff and students safe during in-person learning.
  5. Provide a descriptive plan for how virtual learning will be structured.
  6. Provide a descriptive plan for the delivery of Special Education Services, 504 Supports, RTI Interventions, and Gifted Education through the virtual platform.
  7. Provide a contingency plan for students or teachers in school who contract or are exposed to COVID-19 and need to be quarantined. 
  8. Describe how teachers will be selected for virtual vs. in-person learning.
  9. Send a follow-up survey to parents choosing in-person learning to ask if barriers prevented them from choosing virtual.
  10. Provide low-income students access to technology, internet, meals, and resources if they would like to choose virtual.