Turn East West Connector and Cooper Lake into a safe intersection

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The purpose of this petition is for the Cobb County Government to turn the corner of East West Connector and Cooper Lake Road in Smyrna, GA into a safe intersection from the high accident rate intersection it currently is.  Over the past several years, there have been countless accidents, some minor, many major, and it's time for Cobb County to act in response from residents request to turn this intersection into a safe passage before more severe accidents happen.  While located in Smyrna, Cobb County owns this intersection.

We have obtained accident details and over the past 5 years, 293 accidents have occurred.  78 of them had injuries.  That's one accident a week, with 26% of them resulting in injury.

We previously had details about what we wanted to be done, but there are many opinions out there and the main purpose of this is to force Cobb County into doing something.  Please review the posted updates on this petition to see actions that have been taken already.

We encourage you to SIGN THIS PETITION.  Signing this petition doesn't bind you to recommendations we have already made, comments we have, or anything specific.  Your signature is telling Cobb County that you want IMPACTFUL modifications done to the intersection to STOP these accidents.