Turn East West Connector and Cooper Lake into a safe intersection

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The purpose of this petition is for the Cobb County Government to turn the corner of East West Connector and Cooper Lake Road in Smyrna, GA into a safe intersection from the high accident rate intersection it currently is.  Over the past several years, there have been countless accidents, some minor, many major, and it's time for Cobb County to act in response from residents request to turn this intersection into a safe passage before more severe accidents happen.  This petition is a result of the City of Smyrna confirming Cobb County is responsible for this intersection.

The main problem is turning right (east) on East-West Connector from Cooper Lake (from Mableton) heading East (towards S. Cobb Drive).  The traffic from this direction is high volume. Cars turning are competing with limited view of cars coming from Austell on East-West, cars turning left from the opposite direction, and cars making u-Turns on East-West.  Currently there is a "yield to U-Turn" sign before the intersection that nobody sees.  Also turning left on to East West (heading towards S. Cobb Drive) on Cooper lake coming from King Springs.  There is limited view of cars coming from Mableton on Cooper Lake, especially those speeding, making it dangerous to turn left.

 Possible Solutions could be to prohibit right turns from Cooper Lake on to E/W, also having a right turn green arrow that is extended in peak times to help with traffic flow on Cooper Lake.  When this green arrow is active, no u-turns are permitted.  When East-West has a green light, no turn on red at all.  A sign should be placed next to the light to highlight this, possibly even installing a flashing red light.  Adding a turn lane into Woodbridge Crossing from East west and cut a turning lane in to the median would eliminate U-Turns, as half of the residents of this neighborhood make a U-Turn. Also prohibiting left turns from coming from the other way on Cooper Lake.

Additionally, signs should be placed on all four directions to the intersection indicating "High Risk Intersection" or something of that nature.


We kindly respect the Cobb County Government to conduct a thorough analysis of this intersection and review the history of accidents with the Smyrna Police Department.  We encourage changes to be made or a public hearing to be held for residents to attend in person.  

You are not only encouraged to sign this petition, but to personally send an e-mail to Cobb County with your opinion on problems with this intersection. The Director of Transportation for Cobb County is Jim Wilgus and he can be reached at cobbdot@cobbcounty.org.


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