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Brother Thutmose Sankara, aka Quixote Scarborough, is being prosecuted unjustly by the Cobb County District Attorney office, in spite of a recommendation of family counseling by Georgia Department of Family and Children Services, and the request of the 15-year-old-son and his mother that the case be dismissed.

The incident involves Thutmose simply disciplines his son. Besides the mother signing an Affidavit of Non-Prosecution, she has also executed a Victim Impact Statement of her son’s wishes that it would be in the best interest of justice that the matter be dismissed. As of today, the Cobb County District Attorney has ignored theses wishes.

Time is of the essence. The close and confined conditions in the jails and prisons leave inmates vulnerable to COVID 19. Brother Thutmose was sentenced to a one year sentence Thursday, June 11, 2020, in a probation revocation hearing in Cherokee County due to this incident simply being charged, without a conviction, in Cobb County. Only by honoring the family’s wishes to immediately dismiss these charges can he be saved from being sent to prison in the next few weeks.

Brother Thutmose is a veteran activist having served some 20 years in organizations in the Atlanta area including WADU (World African Diaspora Union), an extension of the African Union of the United States, and WRFG FM’s popular program “What Good is a Song the Friday Night Drum”, where he often reports on prison conditions. Brother Thutmose also worked as a COVID 19 Essential Worker and at the time of his arrest was working in the community to assist efforts to ensure elders receive needed assistance to counter the effects of the virus pandemic.

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We the undersigned encourage the Cobb County District Attorney Office to dismiss thecharges again Quixote Scarborough. We support: #Free ThutmoseSankara (Quixote