Fight American Small Business Disenfranchisement

Fight American Small Business Disenfranchisement

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Started by Stephanie Muse

The Zoning office of Cobb County Georgia in conjunction with the Cobb County Business License Division has decided that if a property has been zoned residential then no inventory, no storage, no sales, no equipment, no deliveries, no employees, no clients should be aloud at the residential property. Only one vehicle should be used for business weighing up to 12,500 lbs.

This includes fine artists, custom jewelry makers, Pinter-est marketers, homemade packaged foods like hot sauces, designer clothes and costumes, home made soaps, fairy houses, dolls, carpentry work such as bird or squirrel houses, doll houses, small succulent plants like orchids usually packed in tiny crates, Magic cards, special collection items, ei; anything you can make or sell from your home.

This means that no one can make products to sell from their home in Cobb County. Surreptitiously, this keeps any kind of competition for customers obsolete from big time wholesale markets or branch chain stores. The Zoning office explained the idea is that they do not want traffic in residential areas, however what about the small business claim of no clients on premises?

What about all the artists in the county who want to sell art online? What about all the collectors and carpenters who want to make and deliver hand crafted love seats custom made. These sol proprietors are made to close down their businesses if they live in Cobb County. Sol proprietors are small businesses of one person. These small businesses should not have to be disenfranchised just because of a generalized law. Sol proprietors have to collect signatures from all their bordering neighbors, deed, tittle, copy of paid tax receipt of property, blue print of house or a land survey costing usually $300-1200.00, permission of owner signature and notarized.

Small business owners should be aloud to have a business if they never have clients on property and do not use exterior of house for production. As long as all paperwork and a recent picture of no more than 25% of interior of home being used for business is amended. Working from home is safer and less costly. Making money out of my own home to pay for my own home should not be a crime. I do not think Cobb County meant to alienate all it's artists but a stipulation to this law for people like me is needed for economical liberty.

37 have signed. Let’s get to 50!