Petition to Oppose Floor & Décor Wall Sign Installation

Petition to Oppose Floor & Décor Wall Sign Installation

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Austin Whitlock started this petition to Cobb County Commisioners and Managers

We, the residents, owners, and constituents for Zone 2 of Cobb County that own or reside within real property located at 3300 Windy Ridge Parkway, Atlanta, Ga. 30339 do hereby oppose the installation of an illuminated wall sign at the property located at 2500 Windy Ridge Parkway, Atlanta, Ga. 30339 which would constitute a nuisance.

                The Floor & Décor wall sign proposed to be installed is a sign that Floor & Décor’s representatives want to have illuminated twenty-four (24) hours per day seven (7) days per week which would drastically impact residents and owners whose units face the property at 2500 Windy Ridge Parkway. Such illuminated signage is unsightly, and would, in the undersigned persons’ opinions, serve to cause light pollution within the dwellings located at Horizon Condominiums that may impact residents/owners ability to sleep and/or enjoy their property, diminish the property values of the units due to such light pollution impact and reduction in value of the view from such affected property thereby impacting the amount of property taxes the county may be able to asses to those dwellings, and set a dangerous precedent within Cobb County to allow commercial buildings to install illuminated wall signage without regard for the signs proximity and impact to residential property.

                This petition serves as a formal record of the undersigned’s strong opposition to the installation of such a sign based on the above stated concerns as well as the below information. 

We understand that the county has issued a revocable permit to allow for the installation of the aforementioned wall sign. Based on our interpretation of the Cobb County Codes relevant to signage, we feel that the county should revoke the permit and not allow for the signs installation or that the county should at a minimum place limitation(s) on the permit regarding the sign being illuminated based on the following:

§ 134-312 of the Official Code of Ordinances of Cobb County, Ga. states:

(a) The board of county commissioners finds as follows:

(1) The regulations set out in this article are necessary to the fundamental goal of protecting the health, safety and welfare of residents, visitors and businesses in the county.

(2) A sign by its very nature is designed to draw an individual's attention to that sign. This characteristic makes signs a valuable medium of communication; however, this same characteristic can distract motorists and pedestrians, thus creating traffic hazards.

(3) The clutter created by an excess in number, size and height of signs creates a distraction to travelers and negatively impacts the general appearance of an area. Signs may lessen the aesthetic qualities of an area and intrude upon the residential character of an area.

(4) Signs must be regulated to ensure that they are structurally safe and sound. Electrical and structural hazards must be eliminated.

(b) Proper regulation is necessary to limit the negative impact of signs while encouraging the positive and constructive uses of signs.

(c) This article regulates signs by zoning district, size, height, location on a lot, number, methods of construction, maintenance, illumination and in other ways. The board of county commissioners finds that such controls will improve the general appearance of the county; protect the lives and health of residents and visitors; protect property values and the public investment in roads; have a positive impact upon the economy of the county; and enhance the attractiveness of the county as a place to live, recreate and do business.

Further, § 134-313 States:

“A permit that is issued in violation of this article is void. A permit does not create a vested right to maintain any sign which violates any of the terms of this or any other ordinance or law.”

“(l) Interference with or similarity to traffic control devices. No sign or illumination shall be used, constructed, maintained or located at any location where it may interfere with or obstruct the view of an authorized traffic control device, nor shall any sign be used, constructed, maintained or located where it, by reason of its position, shape, wording or color, may be confused with an authorized traffic control device or emergency vehicle device or markings.”

“(m) Illumination. Illuminated signs shall be installed and operated in such a manner to prevent glare from being a hazard to or from interfering with the normal use of the public rights-of-way and adjoining property. No flashing or animated illumination or effects shall be allowed, except as otherwise allowed in this article. No lighted sign shall cast light directly on streets, roads or neighboring property.”


With regards to the above sections of the County Code of Ordinances we believe that the sign should not be allowed to be illuminated as it will cast light upon the neighboring property of Horizon Condominiums located at 3300 Windy Ridge Parkway SE. Additionally, if illuminated, the proposed sign is red in color and may cast a red glow from ambient light at the intersection located at Parkwood Circle and Powers Ferry Road during evening hours causing confusion for drivers and thereby creating hazardous traffic conditions.

Given the above listed concerns, we, the undersigned, strongly oppose the installation of the wall sign at 2500 Windy Ridge Parkway SE and urge the county to take action to prohibit the installation of this sign or at least restrict the illumination of the sign.


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