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West Cobb county Board of Education is looking to pull ParaPro's from moderate/severe Special Needs classes and give them only 1 to work for 2 classrooms, part-time. As a parent of a child in these classes, I know, just as other parents with children in this program, that having 2 adults in the classroom is a necessity. A lot of these children require 1 on 1 attention, and taking away one of the 2 adults in the classroom will severely limit and handicap both the students and teachers. If we lived in East Cobb county, where most of the well to do people live, this would never happen. Anyone who has any stake in their children's future should be offended by this and needs to speak up and reach out to the Superintendent of the schools and tell them NO!!!!!!! Please re-post and join in the fight to help keep the Para-Pros in the classrooms where they belong!

Letter to
Cobb County Board of Education
Leave the Para-Pros in the classrooms

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