Please deny Z-20, Application to rezone 29.94 acres on Bells Ferry and Chastain Meadows Pkwy for use as Office and Warehouse Distribution

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These photographs show flooding downstream of the Chastain Regional Dam.  Two were taken on April 19th and one was taken on January 4th.


Vote to approve Z-20 passes 3-2, Chairman Tim Lee breaks the tie vote.

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Tuesday May 19, 2015

The pending case Z-20 was decided today with an affirmative vote by Chairman Tim Lee as expected. His vote to approve was preceded by remarks expressing confidence in the regional stormwater facility, the dam at Chastain Meadows Pkwy, and by the need to change the land use to accommodate the new development. The Community submitted 1,000 signatures in opposition.


Link to TV 23 Video on Demand and watch Z-20 hearing -

Tuesday's vote 2 support 2 oppose, case held for tie breaking vote by Chairman Tim Lee - Tuesday May 19th Board of Commissioners Zoning meeting.  Voting for, Commissioner JoAnn Birrell, Commissioner Bob Weatherford. Voting against, Commissioner Lisa Cupid, Commissioner Bob Ott.

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One of the most interesting parts of this apparently decided-in-advance rezoning case was the presentation given by a scientist who lives near the property being rezoned.  As you watch the presentation, note the points made, backed up by data, about flooding of the Noonday Creek.  Also look for the response by Cobb Stormwater engineer David Breaden who acknowledges that the Chastain Regional dam has limited ability to mitigate flooding "because the federal government" had requirements for the type of dam that could be built. This seems to beg the question of why high density with high impervious surface continues to be approved when it is known that the dam has limited capacity to mitigate flooding.  This point has been made often.

One of the few benefits to the community to come from this application seems to be the dedication of 2.6 acres of floodplain for a passive park which will be available to the public. It will be adjacent to the Noonday Creek trail head. It will be maintained by the developer.

The new tenant is said to be a Fortune 500 company, which as Attorney John Moore explained, accounts for the inflexibility in reducing the size of the warehouse..

Link to the MDJ article about the Z-20 hearing.


For the record: stated in the March 31 MDJ article:

The applicant, BK Properties LP is a Georgia company owned by the Keappler family who also owns Quintus Corporation.  Kelly Keappler is on the board of the Town Center CID and also is involved in the Z-20 rezoning.

The Keapplers and Quintus owned much of the land along Chastain Meadows Pkwy and the office warehouses were built by Taylor Mathis.

Mr. Keappler is listed on Chairman Lee's endorsement website.

The plan originally submitted in December 2014 listed building 700 as office space and building 600 as office/warehouse/distribution.  Building 700 is now listed as office warehouse as well. We have been told that leaving the property as OI isn't feasible since there is a build to suit tenant who needs the warehouse space. 


An office warehouse distribution center with 18 wheel truck traffic does not belong in Medium Density Residential Land Use and does not belong next to neighborhoods. There will be a 130' paved loading area for box vans and tractor trailers within 25' of residents' backyards.  What is wrong with that picture? Answer: OS does not belong next to residentially zoned property.

Bells Ferry Road is primarily residential and the tract is adjacent to a neighborhood on the north, south and to the east across Bells Ferry. A 242 unit apartment complex was approved last November and will be across the street on Chastain Meadows Pkwy.  So there will be residential property on all sides of this proposed office/warehouse rezoning.

To view how this area has been developed over the years, go to Google Community to view a time lapse image from 1993-2014. It is a KMZ file and you will need Google Earth to view it.!topic/gec-historical-imagery/wffd1LqKKgA

This site is environmentally sensitive and includes a stream and floodplain.  The flood plain already encroaches into several adjoining residential lots that have had flooding in the past. The site is 45% floodplain and does contain some wetlands.  The tributary flows into Noonday Creek.  Cobb County has a 50' stream buffer and a further 25' impervious setback from that.  But this application is being allowed to use a very old minimum 25' stream buffer.  Why?


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