Cobb County Is Hemorrhaging Public Safety Employees. HELP FIX IT!

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Cobb County's Public Safety Employees (Police, Fire and Sheriff) are resigning at an overwhelming rate. For the last 10 years Cobb County's Commissioners have failed to provide their Police, Fire, and Sheriff personnel with livable wages forcing them to take career opportunities elsewhere. The current benefits package is the worst in Metro Atlanta. Cobb County currently has OVER 200 positions that need to be filled. These vacancies increase every day and put the county's families, businesses, friends, visitors, and public safety personnel in severe danger. The Board of Commissioners need a complete pay and benefit restructure to attract quality applicants and retain employees. Cobb County Public Safety at one point was the gold standard and had the luxury of selecting the best applicants for its citizens. Today we are a revolving door wasting millions of dollars recruiting and training new employees only for them to leave for better paying departments. Cobb County's Public Safety slogan is "Expect The Best." Today the county does not live up to that slogan. If this problem is not resolved we will lose the only vested, experienced, and quality public safety employees that are left. The Board of Commissioners is requesting 5,000 signatures before they take action. Let's give them what they want.