Keep Campion Bhopal a boys' school

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For years, campionites have taken pride in calling themselves to be products of an all boys' school. The title 'Campionite' carries with itself a certain boyish charm and character.

The recent advertisement issued by the school administration claims that from next academic year onwards, Campion School, Bhopal shall be admitting female students too.

Now, it should be made clear that we, as the students of this institute, don't propagate any agenda against educational institutions being co-educational. We firmly believe that all children should have the right and the pleasure to be a part of such a school as Campion, regardless of gender. We are also aware of the fact that several other branches of Campion School are infact co-ed and we support this in flesh and blood.

That being said, we would also like to emphasize the emotion that we as the students of this great institute feel due to the fact that we get to associate ourselves with a legacy - The one being from an all boys' school

, a legacy that has continued for over fifty fine years.

So for all those chants and proud smiles, we would like to request the school administration to please reconsider the decision and keep the Bhopal branch of Campion School all for boys.