No to Captive Dolphins in Barbados

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No to Captive Dolphins in Barbados

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Future CentreTrust started this petition to Coastal Zone Management Unit (Government of Barbados)

On February 23, 2014, the local press reported that there is a proposal before government to establish a dolphinarium in Barbados.

We the residents of and visitors to Barbados OPPOSE the captivity of dolphins (and other cetacean species) in keeping with Barbados’ commitment to the Cartagena Convention’sSPAW Protocol (ratified in 2002) which supports the recovery and protection of marine species, including marine turtles and all cetaceans.

We believe the capture and captivity of dolphins and other cetaceans is cruel and prevents these species from living in their natural habitat.

As residents of and visitors to Barbados, we respectfully REQUEST that the Government of Barbados seek alternative cost-effective investments in the sustainable management and conservation of its existing marine resources through the:

 1.    Implementation of a Marine Park Management System and Protected Area status for Carlisle Bay and the designation of other marine protected areas in Barbados;

2.    Expansion of existing and new marine protected areas to support the recovery of marine species;

3.    Sustainable development and management of tourism related economic activities in Carlisle Bay and other popular leisure areas which can complement the conservation of our natural heritage such as:

 ·         Scuba diving and snorkeling;

 ·         Open water swimming events and other water-based festivals;

 ·         Sailing, Surfing, SUPing; and kayaking;

          Turtle conservation and turtle watching, etc.

 The short- and long-term economic benefits of conserving our marine resources to support sustainable tourism; fisheries development and prevent coastal erosion far outweigh any short-term compromise of Barbados’ international commitments to the protection of marine species.

 *For more information you may click on SPAW Protocol Concerning Specially Protected Areas and Wildlife to the Convention for the Protection and Development of the Marine Environment of the Wider Caribbean Region and Myths about Dolphin Captivity


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This petition had 1,175 supporters

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