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Contract for a New Congress

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The first project the Coalition is undertaking is the creation of a Contract for America, to be presented to EVERY person running for Congress.  It has four tenets: 1. Upon election, the candidate will promise to work to enact term limits. 2. Upon election, the candidate promises to rescind lifetime pensions for Congressional members. 3. Upon election, the candidate promises to change the benefits for Congress, especially healthcare, to mirror those of the average American citizen; and 4. The candidate promises to NEVER accept lobby/outside money of any type or source.

If the candidate is elected and does not honor these promises and commitments, they also agree to immediately resign their seat or be impeached.

We are looking for people from all sides of the political spectrum who believe it is time to take the corrupt money out of our legislative representative's pockets, in order to bring the government back to the people it serves.

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