Mobile operators are creating inequality

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In India, after Reliance Jio (a 4G only mobile operator), a lot of mobile operator companies have started making different data and voice plans for selected customers.

Eg: Bharti Airtel has two plans with exact same value in which some users get benefits and some are left and they say that these plans are for customers with special hardware because they don't care about their every consumer and for them, some of their customers are inferior to some others.At times they fool people by advertising a plan and not telling that the customer is not applicable for them which makes confusion and later they blame the customers that you must have first visited the website and have checked the Terms and Conditions for their eligibility (which is not easily available to find) rather than telling them beforehand that though there is a plan for you but you are not eligible to avail it because you have inferior technology.

These companies are using these bad business strategies to outshow their competitor (namely one) and forgetting their customers in this race. This strategy decreases the trust in these companies. They are using this selective strategy because for them winning the market is more important than winning the customers.

So, to avoid all this it should be made mandatory that for a specific value only a specific plan must be there and the companies should not make special plans only for some of their users and show others that they are inferior. Everyone must be equal.