Coach Ocampo

Coach Ocampo

August 11, 2022
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Started by Angel Molina

Attention to all OB athletes and Parents. Ronmel Ocampo or as we know as "Coach Ocampo"
assistant coach for the Oyster Bay Baseball team, recently applied for the PE teacher position
at Oyster Bay High School and was rejected for this position. Coach Ocampo helped out the
Oyster Bay Baseball team tremendously. He helped everyone become better athletes but more
importantly, he helped all of us become better humans. He took time out of his life to help make
us better people and better athletes to help strive in our sport and help us become better at
many other things. He's a role model to all of us, someone we can go to if we have problems at
home, someone who pushes us mentally and physically. During this past summer, Coach
Ocampo started a training program for baseball athletes to come in on summer mornings and
help them train in the Oyster Bay High School Weight Room. He had also worked a lot of sports summer camps for the students of Vernon and Theodore Roosevelt elementary school. He has built a strong relationship with students and members of this community of all ages. He also would help other OB
athletes who would come in for a workout program. Coach Ocampo helped many athletes
during the off season whether they were athletes he's worked with before or athletes he has
never trained before. Coach Ocampo voluntarily took time out of his life to contribute to this school and community. He always provided a safe space and open door policy for all students and athletes. Coach Ocampo not only does a great job for students in the classroom but also makes all students feel at home. Coach Ocampo did all of this out of the kindness of his heart. Coach Ocampo is someone a School District would love to have for their School, He is the perfect teacher we want and need in this district teaching physical education and health education. There should be no reason Coach Ocampo should not have the opportunity to continue in the hiring process for the PE and Health teaching position.

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Signatures: 37Next Goal: 50
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