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Not running the mile in PE

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I think running the mile at school should not happen or be change a bit because running the mile only shows how  athletic someone is  and who is not athletic. I think we should have to run  but not for a grade or that you mile isn’t timed and you just have to do it and it doesn’t matter how fast or slow you are. Bluevalley schools like harmony doesn’t run the mile which means it’s not a requirement for schools to run it. I think that there are different ways we could run a mile like by playing more soccer or it being a competition to run it and people could choose. Also the mile is very stressing for kids that are not athletic and can be embarrassing if they run a slow mile. I am an athletic person and the mile stresses  me out along and  other people at shcool.  Doing  the mile makes me not want to go to pe. I personal love pe but running the mile is something we could change to make pe 100% better!!!

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