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Co-sleeping Education

Mikwaukee released an ad campaign a few days ago with the aim of lowering their infant mortality rate. It shows a baby sleeping next to a butcher knife. The caption above states "Your baby sleeping with you can be just as dangerous." It's aim is to induce fear. It does not educate it tries to make parents fearful of co-sleeping. Education is the only way to reduce Milwaukee's high infant mortality rate.

I started this petition against the Milwaukee anti-co-sleeping ad campaign because they should spend their tax dollars on teaching parents how to co-sleep safely if they choose to. They should spend their tax dollars on accurately reporting SID cases such as if drugs or alcohol were factors, whether there's smoking in the house, was the baby placed prone (on their stomachs), were they sleeping on a couch, a chair, a bed, were other children in the bed, domestic cat or dog?  SID death reporting is often lacking the proper details when it occurs in an adult bed. They simply say it was bed sharing that caused the death. This is not good science and erroneous reporting.

There is substantial evidence on co-sleeping benefits for both mother and baby especially if the mother is breastfeeding on demand and educated on how to co-sleep safely. This ad campaign will only scare parents never educate them on safe sleeping. We haven't always lived in houses with many bedrooms. Historically mother's and their babies slept together and the mother breastfed. Education is the only way to alleviate the high number of SIDs cases that Milwaukee is facing.

Please follow this link to Evolutionary Parenting's article on:  Bedsharing and SIDS: The Whole Truth

Thank you Evolutionary Parenting for writing such a powerful petition letter.


Tamlyn Corr




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