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make co op meal deals a bit less shit

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meal deals are probably the best thing ever like they’re so convenient lol but co op right i can’t even put into words how shite their meal deals are. yeah they have good snacks and a wide range of drinks but mate they fucking catch you out the little snakes how dare they you know what i mean? first of all, they’re £3.50, that’s a full 50p more than tesco’s god like meal deal thing they have going on and it’s probably why theirs is more popular ygm and second of all that little snakey thing they do to catch you out gets me so livid it’s literally unreal right they fucking put things that aren’t part of the meal deal with the things that are so you pick it up and think “oh this looks great could really do with this cant believe this is even part of it no way” and you get to the till and they’re like “right mate that will be 7 quid” and you’re there as dead as a rock and you have to pay it bc you don’t wanna piss off everyone else in the line like mate i don’t even spend 7 quid on a mates birthday prezzie you really think i’m gonna spend that on one singular meal lol alright pal anyways i am advocating for the segregation of the stuff that isn’t part of the meal deal and the stuff that is and also better sandwich/pasta options would be nice the positive impacts of all this will be that my tummy will be very happy :) and so will yours so please sign this petition x 

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