Protect the trees of North Vancouver

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This is the latest tree on the chopping block, the same person who developed and cut down the original four large trees across the street (which brought my awareness to the fact we have no protection bylaws in the City of North Vancouver) wants to cut down these trees.

This time however the City of North Vancouver staff wants to work with the patron to convince them not to do it. Unfortunately without any bylaws in place it’s just convincing, let’s get the City of North Vancouver to change the bylaws, we have a brand new counsel that is more concerned about the environment - this is our chance!

The City of North Vancouver has no private tree protection bylaw. This means developers can chop down trees whenever it is convenient to do so. And they regularly do, destroying our natural heritage in the process.

Every other city or district in Greater Vancouver* has private tree protections to protect our urban forest for future generations. With the boom in development in North Vancouver it is more important than ever that you ask city council to create a policy to keep our private lands beautiful and green. 

Urban forests provide us with many benefits including:**

  • Better air quality
  • Reduced flood risk and improved water quality
  • Food and shelter for many forms of life
  • Energy conservation
  • Reduced noise pollution
  • Increased property values and aesthetics
  • Physical and psychological well being: treed neighbourhoods have lower crime rates and an enhanced sense of community

In contrast to North Vancouver's inactivity in this area, The City of Vancouver recently increased its tree protection policies to try and save thousands of trees from demolition. It is working to get residents to plant more trees and make smarter tree removal decisions. As cited from the recent news article entitled "Thousands of trees coming down on private properties"***: “It used to be that the builder or developer would say, ‘We’ve got to remove that tree to put a garage there.’ Now we ask why, and why can’t you put the garage that way or in a different shape,” [a city spokesperson] said. “So we’re really trying to prioritize tree preservation in redevelopment.” 

Without action, developers will not self-regulate and tree demolition will continue to increase. Planting by developers of replacement trees is a grossly inadequate solution which leads to token compliance and smaller, sparser and more juvenile greenery. Only by working together as a community can we stop the destruction of our urban forest and save North Vancouver's beautiful tree canopy. 

Please sign this petition for the City of North Vancouver to implement a private land tree protection bylaw. 

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*excluding the City of Pitt Meadows (the smallest area, it has a population of less than 18,000)