Permit the Executive Vice Presidential Candidacy of Michael C. Shaver

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Dear Supporters and Constituents,

It has come to my attention that I have failed to pass the very same judicial screening required when applying for Student Assembly executive board candidacy that is also performed in applying to serve as a Student Delegate.  Paradoxically, I have passed this disciplinary assessment during my application to serve as a delegate; however, this evening, I was told that my “past judicial history is significant enough to warrant you not being permitted to run.”  I was additionally informed that I may continue to serve as a delegate, although the Student Assembly constitution states that students must be in good social and judicial standing to serve in ANY capacity within the organization.  Consequently, if my judicial history permits me to serve as a delegate and hold the appointed office of Student Life Committee Chairman, then surely my judicial history should permit my candidacy for Executive Vice President.  

To clear the air, so to speak, I must come clean with you.  During the Fall of my freshman semester, CNU PD arrested me under suspicion of committing two Class 1 misdemeanors: possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, as well as possession of drug paraphernalia with intent to sell.  As of January 21, 2013, I have been exonerated of all wrongdoing by the Newport News District Criminal Court.  Additionally, I assure you that to my knowledge, I am currently in good judicial standing with Christopher Newport University having completed all sanctions prescribed by the Center for Honor Enrichment and Community Standards.

Following my one semester suspension from CNU sanctioned by CHECS, my return to campus was conditional upon the completion of an essay in which I examined and reevaluated the poor decisions I had made.  One of the questions I was prompted to answer read: “What responsibilities do you have as a member of the CNU community?”

I was forced to contemplate my role within this community, concluding that by not contributing in any capacity to this university, I was in fact a detriment to my peers.  Following my return, I resolved this indifference by joining a fraternal and philanthropic organization, wholly and utterly transforming me into the hardworking, dedicated, and honorable man I am today.  Yet this was not enough for me.  Because I am deeply remorseful for the harm I may have caused to the CNU community, I desired to give back that which I might have taken in serving you, the student body, through student governance.  Until now, I had hoped to culminate this service in functioning as your Student Assembly Executive Vice President.

Because the horribly ambiguous wording of Student Assembly's current constitution does not clearly state what constitutes good judicial standing, I implore you, the students, to read Article VIII of the Student Assembly Constitution and determine whether I am deserving of, at the very least, candidacy in this year’s election.  Should you find Student Assembly’s interpretation of the constitution wrong and my candidacy permissible, please petition Student Assembly and their Ombudsmen to place my name on the ballot for the 2015-16 elections.

Thank you for all of your love and support,

Michael C. Shaver

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