Strict road safety initiatives in Bangladesh to reduce road accidents!

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On the afternoon of July 29, 2018, a bus ran over 7 college students, while they were waiting in the bus stop. This left 2 boys and a girl dead on the spot while severely injuring four others. The accident was due to rash driving between buses overtaking each other. The bus drivers hardly care about the traffic laws and regulations and seem to be never caught//fined by Police for their actions, unless good Samaritans catch them before they flee.

It has been 5 days since the students started protesting and they have blocked the roads unless the Government acts on their demand of strictly enforced road safety for everyone. In their peaceful protest, the students have taken the initiative to check for unlicensed drivers on the road. They have been able to catch many such drivers and shamefully even the Police personnel do not have a license or carry one while driving. Such blatant incompetence in maintaining the laws themselves has enforced the students more to rebuild the system. As a result we have seen on social media, that for the 1st time in 47 years since its independence, Bangladesh has got discipline on the roads, an emergency lane for medical/fire department vehicles. It has taken the youth below 18 years to show that change is possible in such a densely populated city, for a better life, a better future for Bangladeshis.  

School going students have brought a fresh revolution to Bangladesh and have shown that youth power can bring a change and provide better road safety than the current Police Administration can. 

In this petition I am simply seeking your support to show the youth that we support what they are doing. Please support and please follow the events on social media.


-A Bangladeshi