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When CNN twists the reality regarding the Middle East conflicts, it fules the mob and hurts the legitemicy of justified and lawful military actions against terror organizations.

Letter to
CNN Jim Walton
Dear CNN,
You are not a news channel. Journalism, in my mind, is supposed to be about the facts, and the fact is that you don’t care about the facts, or at least don’t let them get in your way while you cover the Israeli operation against the ongoing Hamas terror attack. These are some facts you choose to ignore:
1) Israel has been under attack since 1948, right after the Jewish people received control over Israel in a justified and lawful manner. Just ask the UN if you disagree;
2) Israel is not the one that started these last events and by doing so, those who did, waived the chance to talk and reach mutual understanding. Israel reacted to an ongoing missile shooting that’s been going on despite the evacuation of the Jewish settlements on the Gaza strip. Only after the shooting became impossible to live with, and held over 1 million Israeli civilians in bomb shelters, Israel decided to go on with a military action;
3) While the Hamas missiles are targeting civilian cities and main population areas, The Israeli army targets TERRORISTS ONLY.
4) Part of the terrorist strategy is to shoot from highly populated areas so every Israeli response will create civil casualties.
5) Israel is investing millions of dollars to develop weapons that will allow a precise action in order to have the least collateral damage possible and in order to hurt only those that wish to hurt Israel-the terrorists. You can look at the unharmed front part of Mohamed Jabaries car to confirm that.
You should also consider balancing your footage. Don’t broadcast only the Israeli army strikes in Gaza, show some of the sirens and over 150 missiles a day falling on Israeli cities.On a personal note, president Morsi just threatened Israel with Egyptian retaliation. Egypt is the same country that was burning American flags in front of your embassy after 4 Americans were brutally killed for being Americans. CNN, maybe you should reconsider the service you are providing to the American public before it is too late. Delivering the news is a hard job, but maybe you should start doing it if you want to be a news channel.


Liron Kaplan (Israel) & Inna Vernikov (NY & Florida)