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Stop Giving the LGBT Community the Silent Treatment

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CNN Remains Silent after Commentator Advocates for Anti-Gay Violence

We call on CNN to speak out after the network has refused to issue a public statement regarding commentator Roland Martin's promotion of anti-gay violence on Twitter.

CNN included Roland Martin on-air last night for four hours of election coverage, but the network has refused to comment on the backlash regarding Martin's Super Bowl tweets.

Every 15-year-old in America knows what 'whip the a** of the guy in the pink suit' is code for. That CNN doesn't know what that means is ludicrous. The question is whether the network is willing to tolerate such attacks from one of its most high-profile political analysts.

This is larger than just a few tweets; it's part of a consistent pattern of antigay rhetoric from Martin. When someone of such prominence and who represents one of the nation's most preeminent news organizations advocates for anti-gay violence, it sets a dangerous precedent. CNN needs to let the public know where it stands.

Since the controversy began, some have insulted Martin's personal character and race when discussing this issue. GLAAD strongly condemns these attacks. There is no excuse for race-based attacks or hate speech.

For more information and Martin's apology please visit:

The National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs recently found that violence against LGBT people is up 23%. Of the victims murdered, 70 percent were people of color, and 44% were transgender women. We need people in the media to speak out against the dangers of anti-LGBT violence, not remain silent about it.

CNN needs to send a clear message to its audience that suggesting violence against people who are (or are perceived to be) gay is unacceptable.

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