Never again broadcast Blackfish

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CNN is ignoring real conservation issues to further inundate the public with “Blackfish,” an agenda driven faux documentary with no credibility or legitimate voice. It is wildly irresponsible to present the film to the public as a documentary film and has no place in the programming of a channel that bills itself as “news,” since the events of the film took place decades ago and are not contextualized, in order to fit the activist narrative.
SeaWorld, the target of the film’s campaign of lies, is one of the world’s foremost zoological institutions, housing the largest zoological collection in the world and with high level accreditations by both US governmental organizations and NGOs who supervise animals in human care.
In addition, by continuing to air “Blackfish,” CNN associates itself with the anti-SeaWorld movement, a group known for tasteless demonstrations, wildly outrageous lies, cyberterrorism, Internet bullying and harassment, and threats.
We are calling on CNN to reevaluate their priorities and the quality of content they want to promote as a network. The continuous broadcasting of “Blackfish” is embarrassing, given the low level of credibility found by multiple sources. “Blackfish” is a smear piece concocted by a filmmaker and disgruntled former employees out for personal gain over the benefit of animals. CNN needs to cut this despicable excuse for a factual film from their programming and spend their energies reporting either real news, or films that highlight the dramatic issues faced by wild killer whales in their natural environments, such as overfishing, pollution and boat traffic.