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CNN: Remove Candy Crowley, Poppy Harlow, and Paul Callan IMMEDIATELY.

After the verdict in the Steubenville, Ohio rape case, the commentators in question showed egregious judgement when choosing the way in which to represent the case. The young men involved in this case should not be martyred because of their act. They committed a CRIME. Their so called "promising futures" went out the window the moment they decided to RAPE. The fact that CNN chose to let this happen shows a serious lack of knowledge about rape culture and what type of "commentary" is appropriate. Rape sympathizing is NOT OKAY.

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CNN's Parent Company Time Warner Inc.
Jeff Zucker CNN
Please remove Candy Crowley, Poppy Harlow, and legal consultant Paul Callan from your daily line-ups IMMEDIATELY. The way in which these three people chose to portray rapists is sickening. The stance of their coverage was a slap in the face to rape victims not only in our country, but around the world. Just as the two young men found that their actions have consequences, so must the anchors/consultants of CNN. As long as these three people remain on television and on CNN's payroll, CNN no longer has ANY credibility. The victim deserved better than the coverage they chose to spew and deserves to have them held accountable for the sympathy they chose to bestow on her rapists. The victim deserves YOUR public apology by removing them from their positions with CNN.

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