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Tell CNN that ALL Nazi references are indefensible

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Whereas, on Thursday, August 10, CNN fired Jeffrey Lord because Mr. Lord used the phrase "Sieg Heil" to mock a Liberal in an exchange on Twitter. 

Whereas, CNN stated the reason for Mr. Lord's firing was that "Nazi salutes are indefensible." 

Whereas, other CNN commentators have used Nazi references to describe President Donald Trump, for example:

  • This year, Fareed Zakaria compared President Trump to Adolf Hitler
  • Prior to the election Sally Kohn equated electing then candidate Donald Trump to turning the US into Nazi Germany and after the election she predicted President elect Trump would open internment camps
  • Jason Johnson wrote a piece comparing then Candidate Trump to Adolf Hitler.

Whereas, none of these individuals has been fired by CNN for using Nazi references or symbols when describing Donald Trump

Therefore, we call on CNN to either fire the individuals named above for violating the same corporate policy Jeffrey Lord seemingly violated or explain why it is CNN's corporate policy to allow Liberal commentators to use Nazi references when speaking of Conservatives while Conservatives may not use such references when speaking of Liberals.


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