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CNN NEWS; President Barack Obama; Speaker John Boehner: Support Piers Morgan by responding to recent calls for his deportation.

The vast majority of Americans strongly believe in free speech. Therefore, it is critically important that we raise our voices to counter the influence of radical right-wing fringe groups who are now actively seeking to censor meaningful discussion of gun control.

Recently, over 30,000 of our fellow citizens signed a petition on the White House website calling for the deportation of CNN anchor Piers Morgan for his views on gun control.  This bizarre move by the extreme right should inspire clear-thinking Americans, both Democrats and Republicans, to make it quite clear that our country remains faithful to the free exchange of ideas.  

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  • CNN NEWS; President Barack Obama; Speaker John Boehner
  • CEO, CNN News
    Jim Walton
  • Representative
    John Boehner

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