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CNN, MSNBC, Fox News: Make a special news report about autism that is helpful and positive.

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There is NO EVIDENCE that people with autism are more likely to be violent however several studies and research show that people with autism even as adults are bullied, made fun of, and stereotyped, much like what was seen on the news after the Batman and Sandy Hook shootings. Stations such as CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News made autistic people seem to be out of control psychotics without emotion or self control. Autism is not a psychotic disease it is a developmental disorder that is more comparable to cerebral palsy or mental retardation than schizophrenia. False "experts" are often called on shows to give their opinion which is not based on fact or research. People who are actually autistic are never spoken to in order to validate anything that other people SAY they feel or do. Misinformation such as the sensationalism about autism that happens after every shooting lately makes the lives of people with autism even harder than it already is. The beating up verbally and mentally of people with autism in America MUST STOP!

We are calling for the major news organizations to make a positive and informative news story about people with autism that negates the incorrect information that was given about people with autism in the wake of the school and Batman shootings.  We also call for the news organizations to highlight the studies about how often people with autism both in adult and childhood are victimized by bullies both at work and school.  Autism awareness must come to light after the many derogatory comments that have been made about autism by all of the listed organizations.  The fact is there is NO evidence that violent acts are connected to autism but plenty of evidence that the autistic in America suffer daily at the hands of bullies and those who speak out of ignorance.  

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