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More Coverage of World's 'worst humanitarian crisis since 1945'

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I'm asking the news networks to provide regular updates on 'the largest humanitarian crisis since 1945'.  20 million people, in four countries, are on the brink of famine.  According to a UN spokesperson, 'people will simply starve to death' without coordinated global efforts to bring relief.  But many are simply uninformed about this crisis. 

However, if people were made aware, they would pitch in. A poll by International Rescue Committee, showed that only 15% of Americans are aware of this crisis. Of those polled, once made aware, 73% said they would like to help. People want to be informed about humanitarian issues. Reporting on this crisis will save lives. 

Efforts to bring much needed food to Yemen, Somalia, South Sudan, and Northeastern Nigeria are falling short, largely due to funding gaps.  If new networks leave this crisis out of their reporting, more lives will be lost. 

Please sign this petition asking news networks to make this crisis a regular part of their reporting. 

In a UN report, an official recounted horrible stories told by women and children fleeing violence through waist high swamps and rummaging the streets for food. I also read a recent report  detailing how the crisis is worsening in Yemen.  One of the parents described how cholera is bringing a slow death to his daughter.  As a parent to two children, I cannot imagine the horror of watching your child slowly die, trying to protect your children from violence, and at the same time, desperately looking for enough for them to eat.

I have been drawn to this issue partly because my family struggles with multiple food sensitivities, which makes it hard for us to get enough to eat at times. But I have the resources to get enough once I figure out what to make. I know I can't solve the conflicts or environmental issues that have caused this crisis on my own, but I can help feed them and bring awareness. If more people were informed, they would help too. The cost of being silent is too high.

Please sign my petition asking news networks to regularly update people about this crisis.

Mothers, fathers, and children whose lives hang by a thread deserve our attention. The worst humanitarian crisis since World War II deserves our attention. 

Please sign my petition. 


Christine Fong 


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