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Stop using the term "alleged rape victim"

For some reason, the media has decided to call rape victims "alleged" rape victims. CNN is guilty of this, but there are other news sources that use the same terminology. The news outlets would never call a the victim of murder the "alleged murder victim". It is becoming common knowledge that one in four women in the United States will be a victim of sexual violence. 92% to 98% of sexual violence cases reported to police are valid. These statistics should tell us that when a woman says she was raped, odds are that she was. These women and men should be treated with respect and their story needs to be believed. The accused are innocent until proven guilty. The victim's validity should not be "alleged" regardless of the outcome of the trial. 

This petition does not hope to try the defendant in the court of public opinion. They are still entitled to a fair trial. But the victim should not be tried in the court of public opinion either. 

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