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Institute national coverage of the severe flooding in Bosnia and Serbia.

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Bosnia and Serbia are experiencing the worst flooding in over 100 years. These catastrophic floods are threatening the lives and homes of the Bosnian and Serbian population.  We humbly request that CNN begin national media coverage of this event in order to facilitate public awareness and to potentially increase charitable aid for the victims. We specifically chose CNN due to their prior sensitivity and compassion to similar events affecting human lives. Additionally, Atlanta, Georgia, the home of CNN headquarters, is the home to one of the largest populations of Bosnian refugees from the Bosnian War and genocide.  Most of these refugees have family members back in Bosnia and Serbia who desperately need the help and support of their fellow Americans and Bosnian/Serbian Americans across United States. We believe that if CNN begins national coverage of this event that the generosity of the substantial Bosnian and Serbian population in the U.S. and that of natural born Americans will help these poor people who are in a time of hopeless desperation. 

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