Massacre in Nigeria, and leaders of that country do nothing.

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I saw just this post on Facebook today and to be honest, even as a physician, I was in total shock. This is going on in Africa’s most populous country, Nigeria, but yet I don’t recall it ever being reported here on the news in the US. That place, Nigeria, is full abundant natural resources which the a lot of countries all over the world have benefitted from. It is also full  of highly intelligent, hard working, industrious   and honest people. This is happening in this great nation but yet,  however we pay more attention, and waste airtime, promoting foolishness, while people all over the world are being killed. Why are the UN, amnesty international, government officials including the Nigerian president himself  and media silent on this issue? Is it right to take their resources but yet watch human beings die in a worse way than animals. Do you all now see why some made that deadly trip Europe in search of a better life? Because they know that even at home, their life has NO value, so they would rather take that risk, just hoping they may give their children a better life and not end up slaughtered like animals. Please sign this petition and share it, so that an investigation can be launched by international organizations and human rights groups all over the world to do a root cause analysis and implement ways to stop this from happening over and over again. I also want Nigerian leaders to be held accountable for their disinterest, despite these atrocities happening Right under their noses. They were elected to serve the people, by the people of that nation.  There are a lot more disturbing pictures that I would rather not share.