Demand CNN give Tulsi Gabbard More Debate Talking Time

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After the 1st night of Democratic Debates, Tulsi Gabbard was the most "Googled" candidate and was a clear winner in several debate polls, but was only given 6.6 minutes total talking time compared to 10.9 mins for Booker, 10.3 for O'Roorke, and 9.3 for Elizabeth Warren.

Despite her being googled the most by the American people, Tulsi was given the 3rd LEAST time to speak. She was the only candidate given a smear question, and she was not asked about Climate Change like other candidates were. This REAKS of bias. 

America "Googled" Tulsi Gabbard in a significant way after the first round to fill in the blanks themselves that MSNBC left hanging. The American people deserve to know more about her policies from Tulsi herself, and it's the DNC's and CNN's job to make sure Tulsi is given a CLEAN, fair shake. LET Americans hear from Tulsi on the policies that matter most.

We demand you give Tulsi Gabbard more speaking time in the July Detroit debates. We demand a more balanced, fair debate.

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Media and Public Disagree on Tulsi's Debate Performance
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