Media Advertisements During Natural Disasters

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The major natural disasters of recent decades have been extensively reported by media organizations from across the world. News coverage of major storms and disasters occurs for days, and can often last over a week while a major storm approaches, a wildfire ensures, a hurricane landfall is forecasted or the aftermath of an earthquake is broadcasted.

Major storm and natural disaster coverage result in people from around the world tuning into radio stations, watching from their television, and accessing articles and reports from a multitude of websites and news organizations. It has been well recorded that large-scale natural disasters bring unprecedented, and often record setting revenue to media companies. This surge in television ratings and website traffic for media companies and news stations result in an increase in advertisement revenue. With often prolonged and extensive coverage, media companies can take in millions of dollars in additional advertising revenue during large-scale natural disasters.

This petition is requesting that media companies consider contributing to relief efforts in the future to support areas and peoples affected by the very storm or natural disaster they broadcast. This petition recognizes the following:

1. Media companies should consider what they can do to contribute especially when natural disasters are some of the most highly watched, memorable, engaging, and meaningful stories they broadcast. This is a trend which will very likely remain in the future. 

2. Funds generated by viewership/access/rating increases will not be immediately available. Remediation efforts focusing on long term redevelopment and support of individuals and areas often do not receive sufficient funds, this is one fundamental area such funding could support.

3. There are media companies which have contributed to relief efforts in highly meaningful ways in the past, but others have done little in comparison.

4. Climate based natural disasters around the world are predicted to become more severe due to climate change and remediation efforts will become more expensive. Articles which date back over forty years ago state that major storms and natural disasters have consistently commanded large audiences through different media. Historically, very little revenue goes towards those in affected populations.

Please sign this petition to help change this.

There are hundreds of thousands of different media organizations around the world and it is therefore impossible to include even a significant fraction of them in this petition. Listed are some major media companies based in the United States. Please share the word to other organizations you know or suspect this petition will apply.

The US Chamber of Commerce's Corporate Aid Tracker allows anyone to search what companies/organizations have contributed to Natural Disaster relief over the last 8 years in the USA.

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