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Change in School lunch nutrition for Academic Performance

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There have been recent studies that demonstrated that nutrition affects students thinking, behavior and health. Mostly all the factors that would impact academic performance. Research suggests that diets that are high in trans and saturated fats can negatively impact learning and memory. Nutritional deficiencies that are early in life, can affect the cognitive development of school-aged children. The importance to nutrition improves students’ concentration, and energy levels. (Wilder Research)

Everyday children are buying school lunch that may make them feel tired or drowsy throughout the day. In addition, throughout the past 3 years of being a High School student in Wake County I have never seen a day they do not sell pizza... Almost like it's the only option.. According to the Wake County's School meal calendar, everyday it says little caesars pizza is sold. But yes, it lists other options of “Mini corn dog nuggets” and “hamburgers”, but never have I actually seen that they make it as they actually say, so students buy themselves something that will fulfill their hunger like Pizza. Despite the convenience of providing similar food choices in the cafeteria, there needs to be a change in variety and nutritious meals that will benefit our students of Wake County to not only have a better academic performance but for better overall health.

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