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John Szarowski
Corinna, ME

Mar 21, 2013 — Thank you everyone for signing. This petition is now has over a quarter of a million supporters.

Unfortunately, I have seen no response from CNN. The only discussion or mention I've seen from CNN is less than encouraging. According to 'unoffical comments' quoted in The Wrap, Poppy Harlow is "outraged" by the criticism of her slanted coverage.

Candy Crowley seemed to express similar outrage when she faced questions and criticism from students:
“Poppy’s reporting, she’s been there forever and, I think, done a great job covering all sides,” Crowley said. “What happened? It was emotional; I mean, that’s a fact. It was an emotional thing. Now if, by this, you’re (implying) that somehow I’m sympathetic to rapists? You’ve got to be kidding me.”

I was hoping for much more humility and introspection than this. Crowley still seems to be unaware that her sympathy focused the rapists.

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