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Petitioning CNN and other American news outlets

Stop their rape-culture-enabling comments on the Steubenville rape case

As long as we keep focussing on "those poor boys" and implying that they're the victims, we enable rape culture and keep our nation UNSAFE for all girls and women.

Letter to
CNN and other American news outlets
I saw Candy Crowley, Poppy Harlow, and Paul Callan comment on the Steubenville rape verdict today. I am appalled that their coverage focussed almost entirely on how the guilty verdict will affect "those poor boys", with hardly any attention paid to the victim, and with almost no attention paid to how morally depraved their actions were. "Rape culture" is endemic in the world, whether it's the US or India or anywhere else, and we MUST stand up and stop it NOW. Stop aiming your commentary on rape cases at the perpetrators, no matter how "young" or "promising" they are, and start focussing on how we need to STOP RAPE NOW.