CMV awareness- Be tested as mandatory as part of routine midwife checks

CMV awareness- Be tested as mandatory as part of routine midwife checks

7 October 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Rachel Cornfield

So I recently got my results back for my Baby Paul who I lost at 23 weeks he caught an infection from me called CMV which got into his organs and my placenta. 
Has anyone heard of this? It seems this is MORE COMMON then spinal bifida and Down syndrome. HOW??? When most expectant mothers don’t even know about this vile infection that could result in losing their baby or even if the baby survives they can have disability’s or loss of hearing. 

Cytomegalovirus, or CMV, is a common and usually harmless virus that can infect people of all ages.  Most healthy adults and children who catch it will have no signs or symptoms and no long-term effects – most do not know they have it. However, it can cause long-term problems for babies who become infected before they are born. This is known as congenital CMV infection. 

How could I catch CMV?
CMV is usually passed on through bodily fluids, such as urine, saliva, blood, mucus and tears. 

A lot of small children catch CMV, especially those who attend nurseries and playschools.

Pregnant women who have young children or work with young children should be careful with hand hygiene and sharing cutlery or food with toddlers. Research has shown that the main way a pregnant woman catches CMV is from the saliva and urine of young children. 

I have spoken to friends/family and colleagues and no one seems to of heard of it. I have done none stop research over the past two days and I have many questions for my consultant when I see him. How? Why? Why is there not a vaccine for this like flu vaccination in pregnant women ? Why are you not told about this along with everything else they tell you to avoid or not 
to do. 

I Need help with anyone knowing how I can campaign and get this heard and that more information needs to be given to expectant mothers. 

Around 1 in 150 newborn babies are born with congenital CMV.  The majority of these will not have any symptoms. However, around 1 in 1,000 babies born in the UK every year will have permanent disabilities as a result of CMV. This is around 2 to 3 babies born every day in the UK.

If everyone has connections to the Tommy’s or sands baby loss charities please PM me as I feel we really need to get this more made aware before anymore heartache is caused for families.  

Thank you ❤️

We need the change so expectant mothers are are of this infectious virus, to prevent pregnancy loss and babies being born with disability's and hearing loss. 
precautions and awareness need to be made. 
Bloods should be taken as part of the early pregnancy checks. 
If there is not a change women will continue to lose there babies and have on going life disability's if they survive the virus. 

Action needs to be taken now as many people are not aware of CMV and this should not be a shock when received  from results from a postmortem.

We need these tests to be part of routine checks when other bloods and swabs are taken.  

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Signatures: 495Next Goal: 500
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