Option to take Matrices and Diff Eq instead of 18-202

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Jacob Hoffman
Jacob Hoffman signed this petition

I would like the option to take Matrices and Diff Eq as a substitute for 18-202.

I took Matrices already, and wanted to take diff eq to get a good understanding of Diff eq. 

instead im taking 18-202. The lectures are very disingenuous, and its not the professors fault. The professors know there is only enough time to half teach the material. This is mainly because the material we learn in 18-202 would take a year to truly master.

The TAs have admitted to there being no point in taking this course if you have taken matrices and diff eq.

The TAs have admitted that taking matrices and diff eq would make us significantly more fluent in the math we learn in 18-202.

Most ECE majors are in my position, having taken matrices, diff eq, or both classes.

I have taken matrices already, and 202 is wasting my time with a complete overlap with the matrices course.

I just wanted to take diff eq, and i think thats pretty reasonable

Not one person I have talked to has disagreed. Most people in fact have a stronger bias against 18-202 than I do.