Help Independent contractors and self employed people thru Covid19! #financialhelpneeded

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Covid 19 has impacted us all. The government has been clear, they are supporting employees of Ontario and Canada. The people won’t have to worry about jobs and accessing Employment insurance. 
Independent contractors are not part of this group of people. We DO have to worry about our jobs. We CAN’T apply for EI. The accommodations the government is making for our people is great. But who is protecting US self employed people and small businesses or indépendant contractors. Who is going to help us financially. 
Where is the CMTO and or regulatory bodies on this? It would be helpful If the CMTO was lobbying the government for us. THEY have more resources on the whole than we as tens and thousands of RMTs in Ontario. We can write the MPPs MPs PMs Premier. But will that make a difference? Don’t get me wrong YOU SHOULD WRITE TO EVERYONE! 
But, why not stand united now more than ever. Protecting the public is our main concern here. Help us out!!! CMTO RMTAO RMTS.